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What is Cyber insurance and what does it cover?

From a small business to a major corporation – every type of organization that uses technology to conduct business faces cyber risk. And it’s not just businesses that face cyber risks. As technology becomes more interwoven in our personal lives, we risk compromising our personal data such as social security and bank and credit card information to cyber-attack.


The global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have resulted in a transformation in how we connect digitally. As more people work from home and spend more hours online each day, we increasingly rely on the internet to access data and services professionally and personally.


At Bethany Insurance Agency, we’re proud to offer various cyber liability insurance plans for small to mid-sized businesses to protect your data and reduce your risk. We understand the complexity of cyber threats, and we have solutions to help insure and protect your assets.


First-Party Coverage – Covers damages that you and your business suffer because of a data breach. This coverage also includes coverage for forensic costs for determining how the client’s personal data was exposed, investigative services, data recovery, and notification costs to inform your customers of the data breach and business interruption.


Third-party coverage – Covers damages if your customers or partners are affected by a cyber-attack on your business. This may include claims by clients injured due to your failure to keep confidential information secured and protection against electronic media breaches.

Cyber Crime Impacts Businesses And Individuals

Small to Mid-Sized Business

  • 50% of small to mid-sized businesses have experienced a website breach, with 20% of small to mid-sized companies have experienced a breach in the past year.1
  • More than 40% of small to mid-sized businesses report a range of attacks targeting their website monthly or more frequently.1
  • $233,817 – Average cost of a ransomware attack. Ransomware attacks are rising, with attackers targeting any business willing to pay a ransom, both large and small. 1
  • Cybercrime costs small and medium businesses more than $2.2 million a year. 2
  • Cyber-attacks caused by compromised employee passwords may cost $383,365 on average. 2
  • Small businesses spend an average of $955,429 on restoring normal business in the wake of successful attacks. And just figuring out how a cyber-attack happened could cost your company $15,000. 2


  • Cisco projects the average home will have 13.6 networked devices by 2022. We are using more technology than ever, and by bringing more technology into the home, your chance of being exposed to a cyber threat increases. 3
  • The most vulnerable devices in your home include laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, networked cameras, networked storage devices, and streaming video devices. 3
  • Nearly 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft,1 according to a 2018 online survey by The Harris Poll. 4 Theft of personal data can have financial consequences, with cybercrimes costing individuals over $5,300 on average in 2020.

Why choose bethany insurance agency?

At Bethany Insurance Agency, we are committed to the safety and security of you and your business or household. We will work with you to secure a cyber coverage policy based on your unique risk management needs that protects all of your interests.


We provide complete insurance and risk management solutions tailored to your unique needs. Bethany is currently licensed in 19 states, and we continue to grow. We have relationships with the nation’s top carriers, many of which continually earn some of the highest ratings from A.M. Best, the leading independent rating authority.

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