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12 Helpful Tips for Buying Watercraft Insurance

The wind in your hair, the spray of fresh water, the thrill of navigating the open sea—owning a boat offers a unique sense of freedom and adventure. However, with great adventure comes the responsibility of safeguarding your water-bound assets against unforeseen incidents. This is where watercraft insurance plays a pivotal role.


The Importance of Boat Insurance

Just like car insurance protects you on the road, boat insurance is vital for covering potential losses or damages on the water. Beyond the obvious protection against collisions, it can cover liability for injuries and environmental damage, safeguarding your financial stability.


Insuring a boat can be expensive, but being caught unprepared can be even more costly. To help you navigate the complexities of watercraft insurance, here are 12 helpful tips to keep in mind when purchasing coverage for your boat.


12 Tips for Buying Boat Insurance


1. Assess Your Insurance Needs

Determine the level of coverage you require based on factors like the value of your watercraft, how you plan to use it (recreational, fishing, sailing), and where you will be operating it, along with the type, size, and purpose of your watercraft.


2. Know What Watercraft Are Included

Understand that boat insurance policies can cover a wide range of watercraft, from sailboats, fishing boats, paddle boats, leisure crafts, to personal watercraft like jet skis. Make sure your type of watercraft is covered under the policy you are considering.


3. Evaluate Deductibles and Premiums

Compare the cost of premiums against the deductible amounts. Higher deductibles usually result in lower premiums, but ensure that the deductible is affordable in case of a claim.


4. Examine Exclusions and Limitations

Every policy has its limitations and exclusions. Be aware of what incidents or damages are not covered under your policy to avoid surprises when filing a claim.


5. Assess Additional Coverage Needs

Consider additional coverage options such as towing and assistance, coverage for personal property onboard, and pollution liability. Tailor your policy to fit your specific needs.


6. Read the Fine Print

It’s crucial to understand all terms, conditions, and renewal procedures in your policy. Valuable assets deserve your full attention to detail. Be aware of any limitations or requirements that could affect your coverage.


7. Adhere to Safety Regulations and Guidelines

Following safety guidelines keeps you and your passengers safe and can impact your insurance rates positively.


8. Keep Insurance Information and Contact Details Up to Date

Ensure that your contact information and insurance details are current. In case of changes to your address, boat, or other pertinent details, inform your insurance provider promptly.


9. Look for Ways to Reduce the Price

Bundling multiple policies with the same provider, taking boating safety courses, and choosing a higher deductible can help reduce your boat insurance premiums.


10. Understand Navigational Limits

Some policies restrict where you can operate your boat. Be clear about these limits to avoid voiding your coverage, making sure your usual or intended destinations are covered.


11. Inquire About Lay-Up Periods

If you won’t be using your boat year-round, look into “lay-up” periods where coverage is limited but premiums are reduced. This can save money while still protecting your boat during off-season storage.


12. Check for Discounts and Loyalty Programs

Some insurers offer discounts for various reasons, including a history of safe boating, installation of safety devices, or even being a member of certain boating clubs. Always ask for any available discounts.


Navigating Your Policy with Bethany Insurance

Choosing the right boat insurance can seem daunting when there are so many factors to consider. However, with Bethany Insurance, you’re assured a comprehensive policy tailored to your unique needs, accompanied by unmatched customer service and expert advice. 


Set sail with the right coverage. Contact us today to find a policy that matches your boating lifestyle and secures your beloved watercraft against the unexpected.