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On the Road Again: 7 Safety Tips For Your Next Road Trip

Going on a road trip is a great way to spend your summer vacation. Whether it’s an hour’s drive or a day-long trip to your destination, a road trip is a vacation in itself. But before you rev up your engine and hit the road, remember that safety and security always come first. Read on for a few safety tips for your next summer road trip. 

1. Pack the Essentials 

A road trip can mean taking unfamiliar roads. So you will need to come prepared with the essentials. Some of the best things to constantly keep in your car include:

  • Emergency Kit: Packing a small emergency kit complete with first aid supplies and some over-the-counter medicines can come in handy for anything from a headache to a burn.
  • Snacks:  When packing snacks, consider any food allergies your companions might have; you don’t want to deal with allergic reactions while on the road! 
  • Water: Make sure you bring an adequate amount of drinking water that will last you for the entire trip. Staying hydrated is essential on a long drive.
  • Power Banks: Including a power bank to make sure your phones and other devices never run out of power while on the road can make you everyone’s favorite passenger.

2. Get Enough Rest

It’s the most over-used road trip safety tip, but it’s also incredibly important. Going on a long drive is fun, but it can be exhausting and could put you more at risk of driving errors. Sleep deprivation can increase your chances of getting into a car accident, so to stay well-rested, make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep before your road trip. 

3. Ensure Your Vehicle Is Road-Ready 

Give your car a once-over before your trip. If you can do it yourself, check for tire pressure, fluid levels, and brakes. You can also send your vehicle to a professional mechanic to make sure everything is in top shape. 

Make sure you check your auto insurance policy and coverage to prepare in case of an emergency on the road. Some insurance policies will have specifications on what’s covered while out-of-state, so

4. Carry a Spare Tire

A spare tire is a must for long road trips, so don’t go on your drive without one. Ensure that you also check your spare tire for any defects and replace it when necessary before you go on your trip.

If you need new a new spare tire, make sure that you get the right size for your car. It won’t hurt to double-check!

5. Avoid Distractions

When driving, avoid all unnecessary distractions. This means minimizing conversation and always keeping your eyes on the road.

Here are some handy tips to ensure you’re staying focused:

  • If you’re expecting phone calls or texts, install a Bluetooth adapter that will allow you to respond to messages without looking at your phone
  • When traveling with children, it can be tempting to be watching your kids rather than the road. If you’re traveling with someone else who can drive, switch off drivers often. This makes it possible for you to take turns focusing on the road and focusing on the kids.
  • Decide on your playlist or music choices before the trip. Changing radio stations, finding that one playlist, or digging in a pocket to try and find a CD are easy ways to divert your attention.

6. Take Adequate Breaks 

Take breaks while you drive by making occasional stop-overs. Before you get on the road, look to see what national landmarks or scenic stops you can make that will make the trip easier and even more enjoyable.

If making stops isn’t an option, designate one of your companions to be a substitute driver so that you can take turns resting on the long drive.

7. Plan Ahead

Try to get yourself familiar with the roads you will take by doing some research ahead of time. This way, you can map out your route and identify potential stops to make along the way. 

Trip planning is only one way of being prepared. Make sure you keep your auto insurance updated and store your auto insurance’s phone number before your trip so that you have easy access to it if needed.

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