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Do You Need Renter’s Insurance For Short Term Rentals?

With so many different options for living situations these days, it can be hard to wade through the swamps of liability and insurance coverage and figure out what you need for short term rental insurance. Short term coverage is one of those things that is a little confusing to understand, especially for new renters. 


In this article, we are going to break down the ins and outs of short term rental insurance and answer the question “do you need renter’s insurance for short term rentals?”


What Is Short Term Rental Insurance?

It is actually quite similar to regular renter’s coverage, just on a much shorter timeline. Policies are usually offered in increments of six months, three months, and even month-to-month. 

This makes this type of rental insurance perfect for college students renting a place while they go to school or someone who is taking an extended vacation but needs a short term home away from home.


What Is Covered With Short Term Rental Insurance?

Short term renter’s insurance policies are very comprehensive, just like regular renter’s coverage. They can include coverages like:

  • Loss Of Income: If you have to move out of your short term rental due to a covered peril, such as fire or theft, rental insurance can help cover lost income from not being able to use the rental.
  • Personal Property: Short term renters are just as vulnerable to theft and damage as long term renters, so rental insurance can provide coverage for your personal property in the event it is stolen or damaged by a covered peril.
  • Liability Protection: Liability protection is often one of the most important parts of short term renter’s coverage. This covers any medical expenses that may be incurred if someone gets injured while on your property or any legal costs if you’re sued because of an injury or incident at your short term rental.
  • Infestation: Finally, short term rental insurance can protect against any infestations that may occur. Rodents, bugs, and other pests can all be covered with short term renter’s coverage.

Do You Need Short Term Rental Insurance?

So now that you know what short term renter’s insurance covers, the big question is do you need it? The answer to this depends on a few factors such as the length of your short term stay and how many items you are bringing with you into the rental.


If you plan on taking extended vacations or living in short term rentals while attending school or traveling for work, then it might be worth investing in a short term policy. Even if you don’t necessarily need insurance, it can still be a great idea to invest in some coverage. That way you can have peace of mind knowing that you are covered no matter what happens during your short term stay.


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