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Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

With the cost of homes and property skyrocketing, many people are searching for cheaper, more affordable ways to live. Renting, in fact, is becoming an increasingly popular option for people all over the world. 

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to renting, one of them being that you may put yourself at risk for liability. With renter’s insurance comes a lot of different and important questions, one of them being; does renter’s insurance cover storm damage? 

It’s important to look at renter’s insurance and how it is affected by storm damage to ensure that you are properly covered.

What is Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance, or tenant insurance, is a type of property insurance that provides coverage for individuals who rent their homes instead of owning them. It covers any losses or damages resulting from theft, fire, storm damage, and liability.

It is similar to homeowner insurance in that it covers the personal property of the insured, as well as their liability for injuries suffered by other people on the premises or caused by their belongings.

What Does it Typically Cover?

While each insurance policy differs, renter’s insurance typically covers:

  • Losses resulting from theft, fire, and storm damage
  • Personal property, including items such as clothing, furniture, and electronics
  • Liability for injuries to other people on the premises or caused by your belongings
  • Living expenses in case of displacement due to storm damage

Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

The answer is yes — renter’s insurance typically covers storm damage if it meets certain criteria outlined in the policy. This could include things like wind damage or water damage from a storm, though there may be limits on what is covered depending on the specifics of your plan. Be sure to read through your policy carefully so you know exactly what is included and what isn’t!

Is There Storm Damage That Isn’t Covered By Renter’s Insurance?

Yes, storm damage that is excluded from coverage includes damage due to flooding or earthquakes. It is important to note that flood insurance is a separate policy and must be purchased separately. Additionally, renter’s insurance does not typically cover damages due to neglect or poor maintenance of the property by either the landlord or tenant.

What Should I Do if a Storm Damages my Home?

If your home has been damaged by a storm, it is important to:

  • Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible
  • Inspect your residence for damage. You should also take pictures of the storm damage 
  • Tell your landlord about the property damage and they can arrange for the repairs
  • Lastly, you should make sure you know what type of coverage you have to determine exactly how much of the storm damages will be covered

Let Bethany Insurance Take Care of You

Bethany Insurance is here to help you understand storm damage and how your renter’s insurance policy can protect you. We offer personalized coverage options that fit every budget, so be sure to contact us today for more information on storm damage insurance claims and other related topics.